How to Participate in Lodibet's CRAZY XMAS LIVE SHOW

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Join Lodibet's CRAZY XMAS LIVE SHOW - Lodibet Casino

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to participate in Lodibet's CRAZY XMAS LIVE SHOW! This unique event is set to provide an electrifying experience for all participants, with the opportunity to win amazing prizes. From October 1st to December 20th, every deposit you make on Lodibet counts towards your chances of winning. The key numbers to keep in mind are the deposit order numbers. On Christmas Day, at precisely 18:00, a live draw will be held on the official Lodibet Facebook fan page. The prizes are nothing short of spectacular, including round-trip tickets to France for two, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, a scooter, an iPad Pro, a refrigerator, and a cash prize of 100,000! Get ready for a memorable Christmas celebration with Lodibet!

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