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Signing up at LODIBET Casino is both legal and secure. If you're a Filipino player aged 21 or older, you're eligible to register, play, and win real cash. LODIBET, a new and exciting casino in the Philippines, offers an excellent chance for players to grab a free bonus. Just deposit more than $300 pesos, and you could be in for a chance to win up to $8888 pesos in bonuses! Next up, we're taking you on an easy ride through signing up, making it simple and secure every step of the way. We'll answer all your questions, show you how to snag the best deals, and guide you on becoming a valued member. Thinking about going big? We'll even cover how to step up to VIP status. So, let's jump in with a smile and start this adventure right!

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LODIBET Casino Register - LODIBET Registration Philippines

Easy 4 Steps to Register on LODIBET

Follow these simple steps to become a member of the exciting LODIBET gaming community.

LODIBET Casino Login Step 1

Click the "Register" Button

Initiate your journey by clicking "Register" at the top of our homepage.

LODIBET Casino Login Step 2

Enter Your Details

Provide your username, password, and mobile number in the pop-up window.

LODIBET Casino Login Step 3

Verify Your Identity

Check your phone for a code, then verify your account through the provided link.

LODIBET Casino Login Step 4

Confirm Your Account

After entering all details, click "login" to finish your LODIBET registration.

Trouble-free your LODIBET Register Procedure

Ready for a whirlwind tour through the safest and most legal funhouse in the Philippines? Stick with us, and we'll get you from "Who's LODIBET?" to "I'm winning at LODIBET!" in no time. Plus, we're the official deal - register through us for the best perks!

📶 Got a Phone? You're Almost There!

Let's start with the basics. You'll need a Philippine phone number that's ready to receive our secret SMS handshake. This isn't just for funsies; it's how we make sure you're you and keep the baddies at bay. And hey, if you ever need help, that number is your bat signal to us.

🔓 Passwords: Make It Like a Secret Handshake

Now, about your password. Think of it as the secret handshake to enter our treasure vault. With loads of cash flowing around, we're a shiny target for internet pirates. But fear not! With our Global Trust AES 256 bits encryption and your super-secret handshake (ahem, password), we're two steps ahead. Mix those letters and numbers, make it long, and please don't use "password123".

📑 Be Real, Like Your Love for Games

Time to get real - literally. Fill in your true-blue details, especially your name. It's like naming your superhero alter-ego, crucial for identifying you as the rightful winner and account holder. No fakes here, only genuine gaming glory.

🙋‍♂️ One Account to Rule Them All

In the world of LODIBET, each player gets one golden ticket - I mean, one account. It's the rule of the realm to keep things fair and square. Sharing isn't caring in this case; it's about keeping the playfield level for everyone. Spot a doppelganger account? It's "Bye-bye, bonus" for them!

Avoiding the Fakes: Like Spotting a Wig on a Cat

Heads up, there are some copycat sites out there trying to crash our party. But don't worry, we're on it! To keep you safe from these party poopers, we've listed the known phonies. And remember, we're the official ticket to the fun fair – registering through us not only gets you in but also hooks you up with the coolest perks.

Let the Games Begin!

Now that you're all set, let's get the good times rolling! We'll guide you through every step of the way, from signing up to snagging your very own VIP spot. With exclusive offers and answers to all your burning questions, we're here to make sure your gaming journey is nothing short of epic. Ready to dive in with a big smile? Let's go!

Welcome to the Fast, Secure, and Rewarding World of LODIBET

Welcome to the Fast, Secure, and Rewarding World of LODIBET
Illustration: Welcome to the Fast, Secure, and Rewarding World of LODIBET, by Lodibet Gaming

Why Choose LODIBET?

Discover what sets LODIBET apart from other online casinos in the Philippines and dive into a gaming experience like no other.

Our Commitments

Speedy Transactions

Enjoy lightning-fast gold speeds with transactions completing in under 5 minutes and cashouts never exceeding 10 minutes. For the big fish pulling out a million, give us up to an hour to batch process your bounty.

Unmatched Security

With Global Trust AES 256-bit encryption, your data is ironclad. Mandatory periodic password updates keep your stash safe, making every withdrawal worry-free.

Legitimacy and Trust

Registered in the Philippines with legal e-gaming licenses, we welcome players over 21 to a world of legal, secure betting.

Enticing Bonuses

Our grand opening brings you grand offers. Spin the Wheel of Fortune daily for a chance to win up to ₱8888. It's our way of saying welcome and thank you.

Exclusive Goods Exchange

Earn Bet Points with every wager and exchange them in the Lodibet Shopping Mall for everything from game credits to luxury items like ROLEX watches and iPhones.


Understanding these principles is your first step into the vibrant LODIBET community. Join us now and find out why LODIBET is the chosen casino for countless Filipino players.

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And win your 1-st deposit bonus.

Login to Lodibet Now for Your Free Bonus!

Sign in to Lodibet immediately to get a free bonus just for registering! Lodibet, one of the Philippines' top online casinos, is celebrated for its extensive game selection and enticing promotions. Like many online casinos, Lodibet treats players to both ongoing and limited-time offers. Access these fantastic promotions with your Lodibet login. We'll show you how to snag these deals once you've signed up.

Enjoy a 120% Bonus on Your First Deposit

Join the Lodibet family, make your initial deposit, and receive a whopping 120% cashback. It's simple: log in to Lodibet, select “100% Welcome Bonus on Slots” during your deposit, and voila! Remember, this offer is a one-time deal per account. Dive into the promotion details on the Lodibet site after you've registered.

Download Our App for an Exclusive Free Bonus

Grab a bonus instantly by downloading the Lodibet app. Newbies linking a bank card and confirming their phone number get a bonus, while existing members who've done the same enjoy a surprise red envelope. Bonuses in these envelopes range up to ₱8,888! Don't wait – log in to Lodibet and start claiming your rewards today.

Upgrade to the LODIBET VIP Member

Upgrade to the LODIBET VIP Member
Illustration: Upgrade to the LODIBET VIP Member, by Lodibet Gaming

Become a part of an exclusive circle the moment you sign up. At LODIBET, every bet counts towards elevating your VIP status.

How It Works

From your first deposit and wager, you're on your way up the VIP ladder. With each level you conquer, rewards get richer and the perks, more lavish.

Unlock Unprecedented Rewards

  • Cash Rewards: Level up and receive instant cash rewards.
  • Weekly Cashbacks: Attain the highest tiers for up to 50% cashbacks, twice a week.
  • Rebates: Enjoy a 0.5% rebate on all your bets, adding more to your winnings.
  • Birthday Bonus: Celebrate with a 20,000 peso bonus, because VIPs deserve extraordinary treats.
  • Exclusive VIP Tours: Experience luxury like never before with free VIP tours.

More Than Just Gaming

LODIBET's Shopping Mall awaits, a place where Bet Points transform into tangible rewards. Dive into a shopping spree, where your winnings can fetch you everything from gadgets to luxury goods.


  • Why can't I register for LODIBET Gaming?

    Registration issues could be due to incomplete information or network problems. Ensure all fields are filled correctly and check your internet connection. For further assistance, contact our support team.

  • My e-payment/bank ID is not using my real name, so how should I fill in my real name?

    It's important to use your real name as it appears on your bank or e-payment account to avoid issues with deposits and withdrawals.

  • Can I share an account with my friends?

    No, account sharing is prohibited. Each player must have their own account to ensure security and fair play.

  • After registering, what can I do to win real money in the game?

    Explore our game library, utilize welcome bonuses, and participate in promotions to maximize your chances of winning real money.

  • What types of games are available at LODIBET?

    LODIBET offers a wide variety of games, including slots, live dealer games, baccarat, roulette, live sabong, poker, and lottery.

  • Can I leave out the referral code?

    Yes, the referral code is optional. You can register without it, but using one might give you access to exclusive bonuses.

  • Can I play games for free at LODIBET?

    Yes, most games at LODIBET have a “Demo” or “Free Play” option that allows you to try the games for free before wagering real money.

  • Is LODIBET safe and legal?

    Yes, LODIBET operates with a valid license and employs robust security measures to ensure a safe and legal gaming environment for all players.

  • How can I deposit funds into my LODIBET account?

    You can deposit funds through various payment methods, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards. Visit our “Deposit” section for detailed instructions.

  • How do I withdraw my winnings from LODIBET?

    Withdrawals can be made through the same methods used for deposits. Simply visit the “Withdraw” section in your account, choose your preferred method, and follow the prompts.

  • What should I do if I forget my LODIBET login details?

    If you forget your login details, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page or contact our customer support for assistance.

  • Are there any bonuses or promotions for new players at LODIBET?

    Yes, LODIBET offers various bonuses and promotions for new players, including welcome bonuses, free spins, and more. Check our “Promotions” page for the latest offers.

  • Can I play LODIBET games on my mobile device?

    Yes, LODIBET is mobile-friendly, and you can play most games on your smartphone or tablet without the need for an app.

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions or need assistance?

    Our customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat, email, or phone to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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